Accessing Unicode compliant Anandabazar Patrika


This Unicode compliant Anandabazar Patrika website may be accessed using almost all commonly used browsers on all popular hardware and without any Bengali font.

For accessing this website you will need right combination of Operating System and browser.

This website may be accessed using IBM PC equivalent Personal Computers, running Microsoft OS Windows XP SP2 or Windows 7 or Windows-Vista, and either one of the following browsers:

Internet Explorer version 6 or above 
Mozilla Firefox version 3.6.8 or above 
Safari version 5.0.3 or above
OperaMini version 11 or above

If you are using GoogleChrome (version 5.0 or above), you will need at least one Unicode compliant Bengali font installed in your machine.

For IBM PC equivalent machines, running Fedora 12 or any linux OS, the recommended browser is Mozilla Firefox version 3.5.4 or above.

If you are accessing using Apple MAC, running OS X (Snow Leopard), the recommended browser is Safari version 5.0 or above.



Accessing Unicode compliant Anandabazar Patrika website using mobile phone


To access this Unicode compliant Anandabazar Patrika website you need right combination of Operating System and browser in your mobile phone.

Most of the current generation Nokia and Samgsung mobile hand sets you should be able to access this website.

One should be able to access this website on iPhone and iPad running iOS 4.2 with Safari.

Opera Mini is best suited Browser for browsing Unicode compliant Bengali language websites using mobile phone. You can download Opera Mini to your mobile phone by going to using your mobile phone. The website will detect your mobile hand set model, etc. and will direct you to right version of Opera Mini. Please make the encoding setting UTF-8.

For Blackberry:

For Blackberry you are required to make the following changes in config settings. The steps are:

Launch Opera Mini browser, and type config: and press [Enter]. 
Set bitmap fonts for complex scripts = Yes.